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Summary of the Works of the Artists in the Southern Shinshu Region

The Tatsuno Museum of Art will display the works of five artists including ITO Sumiyo (1982 -) who produces sculptures using Licca-chan dolls and other materials, ITO Misono (1994 -) who creates delicate papercutting works, KAMIJO Mika (1977 -) who produces joyful paintings using vivid colors, GENMA Naho (1985 -) whose works are distinctively characteristic, constituting transparent and beautiful color, with her light touch of painting, and HIRABAYASHI Takahiro (1984 -) whose paintings of girls, which are represented in a realistic way while conveying unrealistic impressions, attract viewers’ eyes. ITO Sumiyo reached her current way of expression through experiences in her childhood to strip the outer shells off dragonflies only from her temptation to see their internal organs, and “play” with life and death on the palm of her hand. ITO Misono, GENMA Naho and HIRABAYASHI Takahiro render the nature of Shinshu in their works. From the works of KAMIJO Mika, we can sense the vivid colors that reflect the beautiful light of Azumino where she was born and raised. We can feel the climate and nature of Shinshu in every work of the artists. They are the very artists who were nurtured in Shinshu and its climate that has continued from the Jomon Period.

Maruyama, Aya (Suwa City Museum of Art)