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Summary of the Works of the Artists in the Central Shinshu Region

The works of five artists in their 30s and 40s, including three painters, an Urushi(Japanese lacquer) artist and a photographer, are on display in the Azumino Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Toyoshina, the exhibit venue for the Central Shinshu region in this 2nd exhibition of Shinbism.
This time, the five exhibitors are similar in certain interesting factors.
HASHIGUCHI Yuu and SUENAGA Eri moved their work base from Tokyo to Shinshu which is abundant in nature, to solve basic challenges in creating works. HASHIMOTO Haruka is based in Kisoshirakawa and uses this area as his center of activities because he uses crude lacquer found in nature over there for his Urushi works. YAMAUCHI Yu, as I mentioned before, tries to find, in nature, his meaning for existence. OZ-YAMAGUCHI Keisuke wishes to return to nature through painting. He tries to bring back the fundamental attitude that “human beings draw and paint pictures by themselves.”
All these five artists are journeying back to nature. While organizing this exhibition, it seemed to me that “back to nature” might be where they are headed.

Nagaaki Ootake (Matsumoto City Board of Education)