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Summary of the Works of the Artists in the Northern Shinshu Region− The Reasons Why the Curators Chose Each Artist −

Below we first list the names of the artists, followed by the names of the recommenders between parentheses, then their reasons for recommendation and feelings about this exhibition.
SAITO Haruka (Watanuki, Kaoru)
I was attracted to the transparency of her works and felt the potentiality of growth in view of the breadth of her expression. I also felt her experimental spirit and thought her to be a suitable artist for the exhibit, judging from her age as well.
TAKAGI Cozue (Ito, Yoko)
Her works could be classified into 3 periods: The 1st period may be summed up by the works “GROUND” and “MID.” The 2nd period seems to be represented by the works “SUZU” and “Biwajima.” The 3rd period includes her works now on display since moving to the USA. This exhibition must be a golden opportunity to introduce works of her 3rd period.
FUJINO Takanori (Nashimoto, Yuumi)
While organizing the exhibition of the artists belonging to the Japan Kogei Association, I became interested in the breadth of his expression in his works created with PET bottles and screws, so I decided to recommend him.
YAMAKAMI Akiha (Kudo, Miyuki)
I would like to encourage and support this artist, who challenges herself by working in the USA. The fact that her works belong to the category of prints symbolizes that art is a stimulating existence which presents a new value of sense and view of the world.
NAKAMURA Mamiko (Miyashita, Mami)
I would like to introduce the artist, NAKAMURA Mamiko, who continues to express her works step by step with exactitude and carefulness, to expose more people to the attractiveness of her works through this exhibition.

Miyashita, Mami (THE OBUSE MUSEUM, The Nakajima Chinami Gallery)