上田 謙二に関する学芸員テキスト

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Pandora’s Box

UEDA Kenji moved to Karuizawa-machi, Shinshu, in 2006. He spends his days rooting himself in the land of Shinshu, being moved by the redolences of “nature,” such as the trees, soil, flowers and so on, which he senses among the mountains and rivers. Though he experienced the same feelings in his childhood, he forgot them long ago. The artist, who is fond of the nature found in Karuizawa and rock music, presents his messages for peace in collages consisting of some “nameless” plants together with his brief comments, all covered with thick resin. For the artist, who says, “my art is a kind of diary,” his creations might be equivalent to acts of shutting out the “hope” left at the bottom of “Pandora’s box,” now opened.

Kato, Yasuko (Art Collection Museum in UEDA)