越 ちひろに関する学芸員テキスト

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An Atmosphere of Wonder

In the paintings of KOSHI Chihiro, various colors overlap and take shape in her unique way of expression - they ceaselessly expand like starlit cosmic space beyond the canvas. Her use of passion-pink, rendered as if dancing, symbolizes the lively presence of this artist with her rich, vivid colors that stimulate the viewers’ senses.
The “Wonder,” - her artistic representation, somehow conjures the atmosphere as a kind of an invisible existence. It arouses feelings such as familiarity and longing, as well as curiosity and, at the same time, it embodies the incomprehensibility of contemporary art. It may even represent the primary color encompassing the artist, who was born and raised in the region of Nagano Prefecture. It might be due to the especial atmosphere of Nagano Prefecture, which evokes images of indigenous Japanese landscape

Suzuki, Kazufumi (Shigakogen Roman Museum)