山上 渡に関する学芸員テキスト

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YAMAKAMI is a unique artist who detests spending life cozily. When he was fifteen years old, he started wondering around the world. After returning to Japan, he lived in the mountains looking for slime molds and bathed himself in the spiritual world as well. He felt a solemn beauty in the heroic death of his friend, which moved him and awoke his wild sensibility motivating him to create masterpieces of art as requiem and homage. His belief has been “to remain connected” ever since he learned that his first name, Wataru, meant “to be connected” in the language of a minority group in South America. But, for this exhibition, he says that he would create a “theater” displaying the concept of “to be divided.” He also says that his work is only a tool for him, and he has just begun its “Prologue.”

Sato, Satoshi (Maruyama Banka Memorial Museum)