伊藤 三園に関する学芸員テキスト

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The Intersection of Light and Shadow

ITO Misono renders mostly the world of papercutting in her works on small black paper utilizing her delicate expressions. She started papercutting using her original technique since when she was about 15 years old. The variety in her work includes motifs such as plants, animals and human beings. On the other hand, her work combining papercutting with wood block printing entitled “Nurturing Life” depicts the memories in her childhood and her subtle feeling as a woman. Her elaborate cuttings on the wood blocks conjure up not only the familiar sceneries, but also the light, sound and the images that she closely felt in her hometown where she was born and raised.
As commonly seen in her works, some special event representing a milestone in the natural surroundings or seasonal changes in her life is incorporated in their backgrounds. Cherishing her impulse for creation, she aims to create her works in black and white, albeit you can still feel various colors.

Takei, Fumikazu (Takato Museum of Arts)