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Comings and Goings between the World of Dreams and Reality

“I want to draw a world full of fun where viewers can let slip a chuckle.”
KAMIJO Mika keeps drawing energetically with this desire in mind. She was diagnosed to be suffering from congenital bone disease, fallen sick from joint dislocation at three months of age. Even now she lives her life in a wheel chair fighting against the pain. She was spurred to draw while she was in a hospital, located in Shimosuwa-cho, Suwa-shi. At that time, she drew a portrait of a staff worker in the hospital. Twenty years has passed since that pivotal moment. She has continued to draw in her home studio, while doing her best to deal with her physical condition.
She has received awards at various art competitions, beginning with the “’98 Art Paralympic Nagano.” Her design was commercialized in the Tokyo megapolis and she continues to vigorously expand her activities.

Nagao, Sayuri ()