源馬 菜穂に関する学芸員テキスト

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Being in Nature

GENMA Naho expresses her wishes in these words, “Someday, I would like to embody the same feeling which I feel while I’m looking at the scenery found in nature,” as her ideal. Previously, she placed more importance on people in her paintings and sceneries were simply backgrounds for her. Then, people and sceneries took on equal importance in her works. Recently, she began to draw only sceneries, reflecting her view point that scenery is experienced by people. GENMA endeavors to depict her art works with her own preferred intuition based on the thought, “Mind, people, nature, and all things together.” GENMA, who was born and raised in the affluent natural environment of her hometown, believes there are certain indigenous inspirations or senses that abound in the area.
With such a thought in mind, GENMA endeavors to depict new sceneries following her own ideal.

Maeda, Tadafumi (Chino City Museum of Art)