平林 孝央に関する学芸員テキスト

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To Depict Girls

There are many girls rendered in the art works of HIRABAYASHI Takahiro. A girl is a mysterious existence. It is an ambiguous question to determine from when she can be thought of as “a girl.” Seeking a world which is a little different from reality, with a desire to depict the objectivity and emptiness of the girls in his works, he visited the local shrines or travelers’ guardian deity statues in his hometown for his study. He renders everything which catches his eye during his visit, providing stimuli for his works.
The Great East Japan Earthquake triggered him to become interested in travelers’ guardian deity statues. He was so deeply impressed with the people in the devastated area, who still find solace in the stone images of Buddha in the same way they did before, that he decided to continue creating his works incorporating statues in existence. He is the kind of artist that keeps his eyes pinned on local history as well as time to come.

Maruyama, Aya (Suwa City Museum of Art)