OZ-尾頭-山口 佳祐に関する学芸員テキスト

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To Sense Things Harbored in Places and Depict Them

YAMAGUCHI Keisuke, also known as OZ, paints precisely whatever he wants, including improvised works for festivals, commissioned works for shrines or stores, Japanese wood block prints “ukiyoe,” advertisement designs, and so on. OZ is a contemporary artist, or “eshi,” who paints works of art for use in daily life, while remaining true to the traditional way of painting. OZ’s talent lies in his ability to absorb the unique atmosphere of a particular vicinity and reflect his images of it quickly in his paintings. Moreover, he attaches importance to abstract expressions and depicting historical events on large votive wooden tablets called “ema.” At this exhibition of Shinbism, he will entice us with his current interests in self-expression based on “life and death” and animism.

Shiohara, Rieko (Azumino Municipal Museum of Modern Arts, Toyoshina)