橋口 優に関する学芸員テキスト

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People and the Mountains

– Painting as a Place for Forming Relationships
The painter, HASHIGUCHI Yuu, deals with elementary schools in her “School Series,” which represents the majority of her works. However, in her recent works, she deals with mountains as her main theme. Her “Mountain Series” reflects her current life, and a growing number of her works tend to convey dynamism.
HASHIGUCHI, while working at a mountaineering store, takes herself to the mountains and creates her works. The objects in her paintings are “the mountains and people who gather there,” rather than the mountains themselves, and she depicts in her paintings not only the people spending their time healthily and relaxed in the mountains, but also the atmosphere in the variety of nature which she senses in the mountains. HASHIGUCHI says she is more conscious of her viewers when she creates pieces in her “Mountain Series.” She is trying to represent mountains in her works as places where those who love mountains as she does share the same feelings instead of representing mountains alone as beautiful scenery.

Yagasaki, Yuka ()