橋本 遥に関する学芸員テキスト

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A Missionary of Urushi (Japanese Lacquar)

There are episodes of conquered warlords whose skulls were covered with lacquer and painted with gold after being beheaded. This process is known as “hakudami” and, once completed, their crania were put on display. In the modern world, this may sound extremely crude. However, this was thought to be the way to pay the utmost respect for the dead. The “hakudami” created by HASHIMOTO Haruka is, of course, not made of real human skulls. He uses plaster heads produced from shaped casts. The plaster skulls are lacquered in layers. This method is called “hollow dry lacquering.” HASHIMOTO’s aim is to show the possibilities of the lacquer technique. It looks as though HASHIMOTO is creating just lacquer crafts on one hand but, on the other hand, he truly becomes deeply involved with “hakudami” with an innocent look on his face! I would like to keep my eye on what HASHIMOTO continues to create with his dry lacquer technique.

Misawa, Shinya (Azumino-shi Board of Education)