山内 悠に関する学芸員テキスト

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Being – Beyond Innumerous Miracles

The Photographs of YAMAUCHI Yu
YAMAUCHI Yu created his works in a hut on Mount Fuji. While living a kind of ascetic life there, he encountered the overwhelming power of nature and the cosmic world spreading within him. Through the series of photographs of the hut’s owner, YAMAUCHI captures a purified state of mind possessed only by those enlightened by the truth.
On the other hand, YAMAUCHI photographs magnificent scenes such as seas of clouds and the moments of sunrise. The works which captured the scenery changing moment by moment convey his admiration for nature’s creations.
In both works, he vigorously captures different forms born of the same origin. His works vividly represent his astonishment at encountering new sights.

Nagata, Emi ()