中村 眞美子に関する学芸員テキスト

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There are dead plants and trees in a snow-covered field.
This is a familiar sight to the eye of NAKAMURA, who is originally from Shinano-machi, a town known for its heavy snowfall. Casually looking out the window while driving, those plants and trees created a silhouette and this image is rendered in her prints.
The personality of NAKAMURA is reflected in her art and writings. She is quiet and modest. Am I right?
No. Her consistent creative activities tell us she has a burning passion and enthusiasm for art deep within her. Without her strong will, she could not have accomplished what she did.
A press machine given to her, which now sits in her new studio, is proof of her determination to pursue further challenges.

Miyashita, Mami (THE OBUSE MUSEUM, The Nakajima Chinami Gallery)