齋藤 春佳に関する学芸員テキスト

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In the attractiveness of her overlapping of unblended colors

I feel that various motifs look as if they visually overlap each other, like layers, in the works of SAITO Haruka.
It must be fun for her to exchange memories and feelings through dialog with others yet, at the same time, I suppose, she might experience continual frustration because of her inability to grasp something concrete.
Her audiovisual installation, “The Shape of the Shadows are Mountains,” presented in 2017, indeed deals with such memories and feelings as her theme. She incorporates memorized stories handed down from her grandmother in this installation.
At this exhibition of Shinbism, SAITO was assigned a space in front of the visitors’ entrance at the Suzaka Hanga Museum. It is also intriguing to imagine that only a glance of her work at this exhibition will incite viewers, who visit the museum after the completion of this exhibition period, to remember her work vividly anytime, though it is no longer there.

Watanuki, Kaoru ( )