高木 こずえに関する学芸員テキスト

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Photographs as Acts

An Exhibit by a Photographer without Photographs
TAKAGI creates her arts based on photographs taken by herself. For TAKAGI, photographs are not just objects, but acts to create art. This is her stance on photographs.
She shoots objects which interest her and makes digital collages out of the photos. Then, she spends considerable time asking herself why she did so.
In her new works, TAKAGI tries to reconstruct her creative process, going back and forth among three different places including “jitsu,” the tangible world, “kyo,” or notional entities like digital date, and “sen,” the spiritual world where objects and images are hidden. To create her original “handicrafts” from her photographs, she ventures on to painting and wood block printing.

Ito, Yoko (Nagano Prefectural Agency for Cultural Promotion)