藤野 貴則に関する学芸員テキスト

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Ceramics and Contemporary Art

The works by FUJINO Takanori on display at this exhibition look like colored PET bottles, at first sight. However, these are ceramic bottles created to be used as small flower vases. I think they are a kind of fusions of function in artistic beauty, belonging not only to crafts, but also art. The artist comments that his works are “artworks created from a craftsman’s point of view” – i.e. “artworks based on creating craftworks.” In other words, he creates contemporary art out of ceramic works, open to utilization in various ways, including small vases. It seems that this artist displays the possibility that ceramic works could become contemporary art. Moreover, his group of works on display look to me to be questioning “what really are ceramic works?” – the essence of ceramic works.

Nashimoto, Yuumi (SUZAKA HANGA MUSEUM)