山上 晃葉に関する学芸員テキスト

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A Flower Blooming in the World of Homogeneity, too comfortable for the artist to leave, with all her Assertion on the Importance of Having a Variety of Interpretation

YAMAKAMI Akiha changed the support of her works, from paper to elastic materials, because she felt inconvenienced while trying to change the shapes of her works freely. I think her decision turned out to be beneficial to her, as she was working on the theme, “the human body and its cycle,” because the new materials might suit her cutaneous sensation very well.
When creating her works, she says, she places importance on “not stereotyping herself by her own works,” and “never to allow viewers to simply pass by her works.” I heartily expect the works of YAMAKAMI Akiha, who moved her work base to the U.S., will reflect her comments that “a variety of ways of thinking should be allowed, in their true meaning.”

Kudo, Miyuki (Saku City)